The Challenge of English Learning In Indonesia in the Future

The Challenge of English Learning In Indonesia in the Future
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Imam Hanafie Mh.A, MA
I'm a Teacher at SMP Al-Jawahir Samarinda

The Challenge of English Learning
Date: 28 Februari 2007


Today and future, the skill in English language is the most important for our future life. Why? Because of many science and knowledge which use it. Everyone can get much information from the strange literature through the English translation ability. Nowadays, many products of technology that uses English language. For example, the man can operate the computer easily when they have skills in English language.

In 2020 later, The Free Market Trade will be approved. In this era, most of strange products and education institution can be existed in Indonesia easily. Besides, the great challenge that faced by our nation is the penetration of the strange culture. So that, if we don't have the strongest preparation completely, naturally the biggest misfortune will be happened-that is the lost nation. The lost nation or the lost Indonesia is the biggest disaster. As a big nation in South Asia and all the worlds, we are lost our nation identity. How to face and prevent it?

English as a Foothold in life

One of the way to face the challenge above is to strengthen the sector of education and one of the education sector which must we give a big attention is education of English as one of subject at formal or non-formal education. Why? Without communication skill in English language, we don't have the strength of competition.

John Naisbitt in his Global Paradox said that English is a Universal Language. In this century and next century, English becomes a Global Language. He said again that English language is being a second language after our mother tongue. Nowadays, according to Naisbitt, there was one billions of people who was talk into English language as a mother tongue, second language, or foreign language.

The Nasibitt's opinion above is supported by Parni Hadi who is one of figure of Indonesian Press who said that there was 60% of the radio broadcasting which was spread into English language. Furthermore, around of 70% of the newspaper which was passed around the world which was used the address into English language. Besides, more than 85% of international phone talking was used English language, and then around 80% of the data in the hundred of million the computer used English language.

Furthermore, Suroso and Amir (Student of Postgraduate Doctorate Program of IKIP Jakarta) said that generally, the strengthener of business communication their fellow countries of ASEAN are English language. Indonesia which is compared by other nations of ASEAN such as Malay, Singapore, and Brunei ever touch into English could not compete with them. Based on the facts above, it is clear that ability into English is the most important for foothold in life.


How about mastery of the English of Indonesia people? To answer it, we must know about the structure of our employment. Around 73% of our employment is graduated from the Elementary School (SD), and their residue is graduated from Upper and Lower Secondary School (SMP and SMA), and then scholars. In short, our employment is very low, because of scholar's mastery in English language very low too.

To solve about the problem above, we are and our government must give a big attention in the sector of education, exactly the sector of English education. Therefore, we can do anyway as follows.

- I Hendrasmo (Correspondence of British Broadcasting Corporation in Yogyakarta) said that mastery in English language can be manifested by two approach. They are Reading Comprehension and Communication Skill. Reading Comprehension is focused to ability of the logical Grammar. Whereas Communication Skill is focused to conversation skill.

- DR. H. Fuad Abdul Hamied, M.A. (A Lecture of Postgraduate of IKIP Bandung) said that to increase the quality of mastery in English language, He bargains the ideas for it, that is Intensification of English Learning at the schools. It intensification can be done by carrying out the English lesson for one or two semesters without the other lesson. Four or five hours per days for six days by the week.

To increase the quality of mastery in English lesson to all of student is our responsibility. So that people and government must give the great attention into the sector of education, exactly in English education.

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